Macintosh PBX 2010 Edition

Sunrise announced the 2010 edition of its A4M Macintosh PBX software. The software is scheduled for release as a commercial retail product in Japan in November 2010.

Tokyo Colocation Service

In January 2009 our start-up subsidiary Sunrise Data LLC will start affordable server colocation service in Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku. Initial enquiries may be made to Sunrise Telephone Systems KK.

Change to Kabushiki Kaisha

In December 2008 Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd became a Kabushiki Kaisha (joint stock company) and the company name has changed to Sunrise Telephone Systems KK.

New Office Address

In September 2008 Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd has moved into a new office in Shibuya, Higashi 3-chome.

Analog NTT CallerID support

NTT CallerID is now available on Sangoma A200 and A400 analog interface cards with FXS ports when using the Unicall library, allowing the use of Japanese analog telephones and fax machines with software PBXes.

Afelio Announcement

Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd has announced its new telephony server software distribution for BSD and MacOS X which is to be released under the name Afelio. More info ...

Asterisk Xcode Project

Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd has converted the Asterisk for MacOS X codebase to Apple's Xcode IDE and built a universal binary to run on both PPC and Intel based Macintoshes. Screenshot ...

Welcome to Sunrise

We do Business Telephony and VPN



Sunrise is the authorised reseller for Sangoma Technologies WAN and PRI ISDN interface cards in Japan. We also carry Cologne Chip AG's BRI ISDN interface cards manufactured by various OEM partners and we have our own line of telephony and VPN router products. A new line of ISDN adapters for Apple Macintosh will be launched in the first half of 2007.  Hardware details ...



Sunrise designs, develops, maintains and distributes telephony software and related development tools. We offer both general purpose software packages and custom development following customer specifications. We are also actively involved in the development and customisation of open source telephony software.  Software details ...



Sunrise offers a range of professional services in the area of telecommunications and networking. We provide consulting and project management, offer software development, customisation and localisation, further, telephony integration and Japan type approvals and market entry assistance. We also provide general support for IP-PBX and VPN installations.  Services details ...


About Sunrise

Sunrise Telephone Systems KK is a telephony systems integrator and solutions provider specialising in open source based telephony (PSTN and VoIP) and virtual private network (VPN) solutions. Sunrise is a privately held joint stock company incorporated in Japan with its head office in Tokyo's Shibuya business district.  Contact us ... A Hosted VoIP Provider is an efficient party that can save you a lot of time in the field of telephony. It is important to choose the right provider, one you can trust and can grow with your organization. Luckily, you don't have to search for a company right around the corner because Hosted VoIP Providers are working remotely, via the internet.

What is a Hosted VoIP provider?

First of all you must know that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a voice connection via a data line. This is a digital technique. The provider will setup a telephone system not physically within your organization, but at a remote location. This can be an IPBX (Intranet Private Branch Exchange). The (VoIP) devices can make a connection with the communications server through the broadband internet. Basics of Internet Telephony A VoIP connection works via an Internet Protocol, in contrast to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) line. The data is sent in small, digital packets via the internet and to the correct destination. In the most simple form you can use VoIP on a PC with a headset which is connected to a special modem. The PC is running a piece of software that can transform the voice to data and send it through the internet. You can use a VoIP phone, a smartphone and even an analog telephone for this.

Hosted VoIP Providers "VoIP" stands for "Voice over IP". In other words voice communications via the internet. The outgoing and incoming lines go through the internet to an external service provider that delivers the voice data to the right place. Hardware and software needs to be maintained. If you are running it your own, you're responsible for this maintenance, that costs extra manpower and money. Software and firmware needs to be updated and at a loss the system must automatically switch to a backup system. That is a system that is present only in the event that the primary system should fall. In a Hosted Voice Service Provider environment this all is already centrally arranged, except for some maintenance of some facilities at the workplace. And even that can often be serviced by software and remotely. The investment costs of a private VoIP network are significant and you are still dependent on an ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the data to be send. The maintenance costs can also be damaged as well as license fee for the software. A Hosted Voice Provider saves a large part of the start-up costs and maintenance is often included in the price. One of the best Hosted Voip Provider in The Netherlands is Babbl Telecom BV. You can find them here


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