A4M 2010 Edition

Migration to Afelio

The Macintosh PBX software is being migrated to a different telephony engine. In future releases the telephony engine will be selectable and the default engine will be Afelio, specifically designed for BSD and MacOS X.


Please visit www.afelio.org for details and a comparison between Afelio and Asterisk.

Macintosh Telephone System

Asterisk for Mac OS X Software PBX

Asterisk for MacOS X icon

The A4M software suite turns a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X into a feature rich private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system and Voice over IP (VoIP) server. It provides features found in proprietary PBX systems and VoIP telephone systems, for example auto-attendant, call forwarding, call screening, call transfer, interactive voice response menus (IVR), music-on-hold (MoH), conferencing, voicemail, voicemail-by-email and IP phone support.

A4M Package Icon

The 2010 edition consists of a telephony server, an auto-starter, a configuration engine, several system preference panes and a switchboard application. The preference panes are designed to make the task of configuring the server easy and intuitive, just as one would expect from any Mac OS X based software product.

Xcode Icon

The server component is a port of the Asterisk telephony engine specifically adapted for Mac OS X and Mac OS X technologies. The code base is entirely managed from within Apple's development environment Xcode. Many Linux specific APIs and data formats have been replaced with Mac OS X equivalents. The executable is a universal binary built and optimised using the award winning LLVM compiler. In future versions the telephony engine will become selectable (Afelio or Asterisk).


The 2010 edition is currently under development. It is expected to become available first for the Japanese market in November or December 2010 for a retail price of 79,800 JPY without ISDN adapter and 108,600 JPY with ISDN adapter. A Lite Edition for small businesses with up to eight desks will follow in early 2011 for a retail price of 49,800 JPY without ISDN adapter and 78,600 with ISDN adapter. The user interface is localised in both English and Japanese. International versions will become available in early 2011.

The retail package includes:

ISDN Adapter

ISDN Adapter

The optional ISDN adapter connects any Macintosh computer to an ISDN telephone line. It supports one INS64 ISDN line (2 voice channels) and has a built-in DSU. Further adapters can be added if multiple ISDN lines are used.

Resellers & Distributors

Inquiries for reseller and distributorships for both the Japanese and international markets are welcome and may be sent by email to otoiawase at sunrisetel.co.jp (in English or Japanese) or contact Mr.Koga by telephone (in English or Japanese) during Japan business hours at (+81) 03 5791-5950.


Server Preference Pane - Server Status - Running

A4M Server PrefPane Status

Server Preference Pane - General Settings

A4M Server PrefPane General

Server Preference Pane - Date & Time

A4M Server PrefPane Date & Time

Server Preference Pane - Dialplan

A4M Server PrefPane Dialplan

Server Preference Pane - Switchboard

A4M Server PrefPane Switchboard

Server Preference Pane - General Settings - Editing CallerIDs

A4M Server PrefPane CallerIDs

SIP Provider Preference Pane - Service

SIP Provider PrefPane Service

SIP Provider Preference Pane - Authentication

SIP Provider PrefPane Auth

SIP Provider Preference Pane - SIP Settings

SIP Provider PrefPane SIP

SIP Provider Preference Pane - Inbound

SIP Provider PrefPane In

SIP Provider Preference Pane - Outbound

SIP Provider PrefPane Out

SIP Provider Preference Pane - Dialout Service Precedence

SIP Provider PrefPane Precedence

SIP Client Preference Pane - Authentication

SIP Client PrefPane Auth

SIP Client Preference Pane - SIP Settings

SIP Client PrefPane SIP

SIP Client Preference Pane - Inbound

SIP Client PrefPane In

SIP Client Preference Pane - Outbound

SIP Client PrefPane Out

SIP STUN Preference Pane

STUN Preference Pane

Switchboard Application

Switchboard Application

Technical Specification

System Requirements

Operating systems Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard"
Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"
Processors Intel x86
PowerPC (Mac OS X 10.5 only)
System memory 512MB for low call volume
1GB+ medium to high call volume
Disk storage ca. 20 MBytes for installation
Peripherals ISDN support requires optional ISDN adapter

General Features

Voice menus English and Japanese
Number of inbound telephone numbers (DIDs) 3 per provider/gateway
Number of call groups 10 (customisable group names)
Number of external forwarding destinations 2 for switchboard, plus one per client phone
Call handling modes business hours
outside business hours
weekends and holidays
Provide dialtone to callers (DISA) yes, for registered staff only
Voicemail one general voicemail box for reception
one personal voicemail box per client
Voicemail by email one email address per voicemail box
Call holding yes
Call transfer yes
Call forwarding yes
Number of voice conferences 10

Call Screening and Monitoring

Screening & CDRs
Call screening accept all calls
reject anonymous calls
Call detail records CDRs are written to /var/log on the system disk

Voice over IP

Maximum number of SIP providers, gateways and clients 50
Configurable SIP ports 5060 to 5071
Voice Codecs G.711a (alaw), G.711u (ulaw), GSM, ILBC, Speex
Supported DTMF methods SIP INFO, RFC 2833, inband

ISDN (aka INS64 in Japan)

Service type Basic Rate ISDN (BRI)
Number of voice channels 2 channels per adapter
Maximum number of ISDN adapters 16 (32 voice channels)
Voice Codecs G.711a (alaw), G.711u (ulaw)

Xcode Build Environment

Update installer Note: The image above shows an earlier version of the server software.

Where are the Free Asterisk GUI tools for Mac OS X

Due to lack of sponsorships and donations, Sunrise ceased the development and maintenance of the freely available GUI applications known as Asterisk Launcher and Asterisk Assistants. These applications are no longer available for download.

Interested parties may license the source code to these applications for their own development for a nominal fee of 12,500 USD per application.

The Asterisk AppleScripts and Asterisk Shell Scripts collections will remain available free of charge. These items may be downloaded via their respective download links in the navigation bar on the left.

Legal Disclaimer

Apple, Cocoa, Macintosh and Mac OS X are trademarks of Apple Inc. Asterisk is a trademark of Digium Inc. A4M is a trademark of Sunrise Telephone Systems KK. Apple's and Digium's trademarks are mentioned for reference only. Mentioning of these marks does not imply any kind of endorsement by Apple Inc or Digium Inc. The Asterisk software is released by Digium Inc under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The A4M telephony server component is maintained and released by Sunrise Telephone Systems KK in accordance with the GPL. All other components of the A4M software suite are the sole property of Sunrise Telephone Systems KK and are released under a commercial license only. A4M specific icons and screenshots shown on this page are the sole property of Sunrise Telephone Systems KK.


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